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True story. I had a parent complain that I was harping on her daughter by questioning her about a stolen hoody at school. Daughter didn’t have any details, but knew the names of some others who might have done it. Daughter filled out an affidavit and I followed up with the other students. Later in the day, mom (who I now call psycho-mom) called and raked me over the coals for even talking to her daughter. She said that I had no right to do so without her present and I certainly had no right to have her fill out an affidavit.  Apparently this mother has never heard of in loco parentis, which is my favorite line to use with parents like this. Bottom line, in her eyes, her daughter never does anything wrong and is the center of the universe. I have no problem with this, because I feel the same way about my kids. The difference is that my kids are in preschool and kindergarten and they are perfect for their age. This woman’s daughter is in high school and apparently has effectively pulled the wool over her mother’s eyes. After psycho-mom’s ass-chewing was over, I moved on.

Not more than two weeks later, I was talking to another student about making inappropriate sexual comments. The kind of comments that would definitely get you fired in the real world. Who were those comments geared towards you might ask? None other than the spawn of psycho-mom. Of course, she had to chime in with how to discipline the young man and bent my ear for over an hour.

The result was a long-term suspension and the parents took me to a hearing to get the suspension reduced. During the hearing, notes were presented by the young man in the handwriting of “the perfect little princess.” Let’s just say that psycho-mom’s spawn could make some money on phone sex if she really wanted to.

Did I share the info with mom? No, but I have the notes stowed away for a special occasion if an event calls for it.


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