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As I write this, I am anticipating a new school year beginning in about two weeks. I get excited about getting back to work and seeing all the kids and staff, but something that always is in the back of my mind is my family. I have a daughter who will be starting 1st grade, a son who will be entering preschool, and a wife who will also be going back to her classroom as a mild/moderate SPED teacher. I am sure that a number of educators go through this, but sometimes I think that so much time is spent educating/parenting other people’s kids, that my own kids get the scraps that are left over. I went through the same thing with my parents who were both educators. I understood very early on that they both loved me and would do everything for me, but I think that takes a certain kind of personality. What happens if you don’t have that?

My wife and kids are everything to me. There aren’t enough words to describe my love for them. I do realize that my job consumes me sometimes and it is a struggle to find balance. As an administrator it is necessary to look at things objectively and keep things in perspective. Does anyone have a solution on how to do this when other things in your life our out of balance?


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  1. It is balance that I seek. I’m glad to be on the quest for it with you.

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